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Winter storage at Jachthaven Hindeloopen

Would you like to head into winter without having any worries about your boat? If so, then arrange to have your boat stored securely at one of our heated or insulated halls. Are you looking to have your boat overwinter in the water? We offer this option, which is included for permanent berth holders.

Jachthaven Hindeloopen has a total surface area measuring 7200 m² in covered insulated winter storage, and three of its halls are heated. In addition, we can offer 5500 m² storage at the quayside. Via a crane capacity of up to 60 tons and transport options for up to 70 tons, we are able to effortlessly manoeuvre larger vessels to the required location.

Yacht Service and Refits during winter storage

Winter storage at Jachthaven Hindeloopen is more than just placing a boat on land and launching it back into the water in spring. We like to utilise the winter period to get your boat ship-shape again and ready for the new water sports season. We place great importance on delivering quality workmanship. The fitters who carry out maintenance work on your boat are experienced professionals, and all have modern equipment at their disposal. During the winterization of the engine and the sanitary facilities, a checklist is used, so that the vessel will be completely ready to get through the coming winter, and can be launched back into the water in spring in a perfect state of repair.


It is extremely important that you regularly have your lifejackets, lifeboats and fire extinguishers inspected and assessed. This will need to be done once every 3 years on average. We are able to arrange this for you. We work in conjunction with certified assessment stations, whereby you are assured of the correct assessment of your materials. Hand in the safety items to us at the end of the sailing season and we will ensure that your safety items are properly assessed for the new sailing season ahead.

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