The swimming school

At Zwemschool Hindeloopen, swimming lessons are provided in accordance with the latest swimming education methods by an expert swimming tutor. Lessons are taught with clear consideration for individual differences and age of the children. Our basic principle is to help the children to attain the entire swimming ABC of the ENVOZ in a child-friendly and fun manner.
If your child has already attained his or her A-B-C diploma, but still wants to continue to take swimming lessons, then there are various other diplomas they can pursue, which include snorkelling and distance swimming diplomas.


* The costs of swimming lessons for the 2018-2019 season (school year):
One-off registration fee: € 15.00

1 x lesson per week: € 240.00
2 x lesson per week: € 420.00

* The costs of swimming lessons for the period from January 2019 to the 2019 summer  holiday are:
One-off registration fee: € 15.00
1 x lesson per week: € 150.00
2 x lesson per week: € 264.00


Wednesday from 13.00 and 18.00
Thursday from 15.00 to 18.00
Friday from 13.00 and 18.00

On Thursday afternoons from April 2019 up to the autumn holiday, the lessons will take place in Stavoren. In the period in between, the swimming lessons will be conducted in Hindeloopen.

The duration of a lesson is half an hour.

During school holidays and on public holidays (Sinterklaas, Good Friday, Easter, Ascension and Whitsun weekend) there will not be any swimming lessons.

Are you looking to apply?

If you would like to apply for swimming lessons for your son and/or daughter, then please complete the application form. You can apply for lessons from September (after the summer holiday), from January (after the Christmas holiday), or from April (from April, a new beginner group will only be started if there are sufficient applications).

Do you have any other questions?

If so, then please contact us on the following telephone number: 088-0504126.
You can also get in touch via e-mail of course, at: